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How do cleavage wrinkles form?

Besides natural aging or skin damage by UV rays, sleeping on your side is the single most important factor contributing to cleavage wrinkles. The breasts slip on each other and the skin between them buckles.

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How can you reduce or prevent cleavage wrinkles?

If you would like to have a cleavage without any wrinkles, it is important to prevent the breasts from slipping towards each other every night. Even if you have already spotted some fine lines on your chest, it is never to late to start. By preventing new wrinkles to form, you’re allowing your body and skin to repair itself each night and iron out those wrinkles.

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Bradora, the Beauty Nicht Bra

We have created this patented beauty bra for the night to help you prevent and reduce cleavage wrinkles, to relax your neck, shoulder and back during the night and to pamper your skin. We are very proud that our innovative design was rewarded with a patent

A special support pillow filled with natural TENCEL® fibers as well as individually adjustable cup sizes keep the breasts in their natural position while you are sleeping.

Scientifically tested and proven

We put Bradora® through a thorough test for you! The Hohenstein Institute (Germany) was able to verify that wearing the Bradora night bra for more than 6 hours at night will reduce cleavage wrinkles. To evaluate the effectiveness, the institute analysed several parameters. Among others, they measured skin irritations and transepidermal water loss, and analysed the surface of the skin.

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It's time to pamper your skin! 

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