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What is Bradora® - the Beauty Night Bra?

Bradora® is a patented bra to be worn during the night that prevents cleavage wrinkles, reduces existing cleavage wrinkles, relieves back pain and pampers your skin. Bradora® has a unique support pillow and individually adjustable cups to keep your breasts in their natural position while you are sleeping.

In short, Bradora®, the Beauty Night Bra:

  • Reduces existing cleavage wrinkles
  • Prevents formation of new cleavage wrinkles
  • Patented, individually adjustable cups for optimal support
  • Relieves back, shoulder and neck pain
  • Regenerates your skin, without irritation
  • Prevents trans epidermal water loss
  • Ergonomic support pillow with Tencel® filling allows optimal moisture management
  • Wide, adjustable straps
  • No underwire
  • Perfect wearing comfort

What makes Bradora® the Beauty Night Bra different from other bras?

Great question! While many traditional bras use underwire as their primary method of support, Bradora® uses a structure that supports breast weight from the middle of the chest. This advanced type of support is important during the night while sleeping on the side. Additionally, Bradora® decreases the strain on your shoulders and neck, resulting in less back and neck pain and fewer shoulder dents.

In addition, Bradora® is the only bra that has patented, individually adjustable cups for optimal support.

Could women wear a normal bra in the night to have the same results?

No, a normal bra wouldn´t help against the cleavage wrinkles! Normal bras on the market support your breasts from under the breast. This makes sense while standing or sitting during the day. However, while lying women need the supporting power of their bra from the middle of their chest. 

When can I use Bradora®, the Beauty Night Bra?

Recommended for:

  • Use nightly
  • During pregnancy and nursing
  • After breast operations

In what sizes is Bradora® available?

Please click here for an overview of sizes.

Which materials are used for Bradora®, the Beauty Bra and can I use it if I have allergies?

Tencel® fibers are organically derived from the natural wood fibers. Tencel® is bio-degradable and free of chemical additives. Fibers are sources from a sustainable farm that was rewarded with the „European Award for the Environment“.

In short: The materials used for Bradora® are:

  • Antibacterial, recommended for those with allergies: Bacterial growth is reduced by up to 2000 times compared to synthetic fibers
  • Better moisture control: 50 % improvement in moisture management compared to cotton
  • Softer than silk and cooler than linen
  • Reduces odour

How do I care for my Beauty Night Bra?

For best results we recommend hand washing your Beauty Night Bra in a gentle detergent and laying it flat to dry. When storing the bra, be sure to lay it flat in the drawer.

To hand wash: fill a sink with cool water and mild detergent. Submerge bra and lightly agitate for no more than 5 minutes. Rinse with cold water and squeeze gently to remove excess - do not wring. Blot dry.

Never place bras in a dryer - the heat will damage the elasticity of the bra, cause shrinkage and fraying, and distort the internal support system. After washing, reshape the bra cups and hang or lay the bra flat on a towel to dry.

What is happening to your skin when you are aging?

At one point in your life you may start to notice your skin is becoming drier and duller in colour. This is because the rate of new cells being produced by your skin is beginning to slow down. This is when wrinkles start to form. Although you can't reverse the processes going on in your skin, you can delay the process using Bradora® during the night and using creams during the day.

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