Your questions about Bradora and our detailed answers

Bradora® is a patented sleep bra for the night that supports the breasts while sleeping and thus prevents the formation of wrinkles in the cleavage, reduces existing wrinkles, relieves the back, neck and shoulders while sleeping and protects against sweating skin and irritations.

A unique support pillow and individually adjustable cups keep the breasts in their natural position while sleeping. We made the entire bra from TENCEL® to give you an incomparable feeling on the skin.

The uniqueness of Bradora® has been rewarded with a patent. We invite you to find out how you can naturally unfold your beauty while you sleep.

Bradora® gently and dimensionally stable supports the breasts in order to distribute their weight evenly and thus to relieve the back, neck and shoulder, to prevent and reduce wrinkles in the décolleté. The specially developed support pillow is filled with the innovative TENCEL® fiber to keep your breasts in their natural position at a comfortable temperature and free from sweat.

Bradora® is the only bra that has adjustable cups in addition to the support pillow. This is the only way to keep your breasts in their natural position at night, regardless of which sleeping position you choose or how much you move. This adjustable mechanism makes Bradora® so unique that we have been awarded a patent for it.

Normal bras that are worn during the day support the breasts against gravity from the bottom up. This supporting force is not necessary at night, as the breasts slide sideways on each other in a lying position. Bradora® supports from the inside of the chest outwards and thus keeps your breasts in their natural position. This cannot be achieved with a normal bra. In addition, regular bras have underwires, straps that cut in and other elements that can be very uncomfortable at night.

The size and weight of your breasts determine when you would sleep better with Bradora®. Bradora is recommended as soon as you notice stress in the back, neck and shoulder area, sweat uncomfortably in the chest area and have skin irritations or discover the first wrinkles in the cleavage in the morning.

Your skin is your largest organ; it is also one of the most active organs, and the most visible! Preventive measures to reduce the appearance of new wrinkles, in the décolleté every night, are important elements of effective skin and beauty care.

The beauty bra can especially be worn when the breasts are under tension or stress:

  • For daily use at night
  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding

Pregnancy brings big changes to the mother-to-be’s body. The breasts in particular are affected. The breasts change a short time after fertilization. They become more sensitive, a feeling of tension or pulling can be felt, and they grow. The additional pillow supports the breasts better, than conventional bras and also ensures a more comfortable sleeping position at night.

Bradora® is also the only bra whose cups are individually adjustable and can therefore be adapted to different breasts. Especially after breastfeeding, one breast is often smaller than the other, so that the corresponding cup can be adjusted quickly and easily.

During this time, in particular, the skin on the décolleté is very sensitive and irritated due to the larger breasts and the formation of wrinkles can increase. Bradora® can prevent the formation of wrinkles here.

The botanical Tencel® material ensures an antibacterial and antiallergic effect.

Please click here for an overview of the sizes.

Bradora® has straps that you can adjust individually for you. If you want to shorten the straps, slide the regulator towards the cup. The closer the regulator gets to the back of the beam, the shorter and tighter the beam will be. The closer you pull the regulator towards the cup, the longer and looser the strap will be. Your breasts are unlikely to be the same size, so one wearer may be slightly longer or shorter than the other. If the straps sit correctly, they will lie flat against your skin without any pressure and the cups will give your breasts optimal support.

You can adjust the underbust of your bra with the closure on the back. The bra should be snug under the chest so that you can just slide a finger underneath between the cups at the front. Depending on the choice of closure level, you can reduce or enlarge the underbust band to adapt it perfectly to your body shape. For your optimal wearing comfort, you will find an extension lock in the small box, so that you can adjust your underband even more individually.

The adjustment option on the side, with which you can adjust the size of the cup, is innovative and unique. The tighter you put the cup, the more the support of the pillow is supported. This prevents even large breasts from sliding on top of one another and creating wrinkles.

In 65 percent of women, the left breast is larger than the right. The adjustment options for the Bradora® basket can be adjusted here according to individual needs.

The side closures should be adjusted so that your breasts fill the cups well without them pinching or cutting. The cups should nestle seamlessly around your breasts and enclose your breasts comfortably and flat. Using an eyelet further back will make the cup smaller, while using an eyelet in the front will make the cup larger.

If you have adjusted all sizes of your Bradora® perfectly for you, nothing stands in the way of your good sleep and of course you can unfold your beauty while you sleep.

Bradora® is machine washable with a gentle wash cycle and 30 ° C. At Bradora®, however, we recommend hand washing, as for all delicate laundry. For hand washing, please fill the sink with lukewarm water and mild detergent and carefully pull Bradora® through the water. Rinse with cold water and drain. Please don’t wring it out. Let the bra dry flat on a towel or hang it gently over a line. Please do not dry on a heater or in the dryer and do not iron. Please do not use fabric softener so that Bradora® retains its shape and structure for a long time and gives you the right hold.

Yes. The bacterial growth on TENCEL® fibers is up to 2000 times lower than on synthetic fibers. Bradoras® textiles consist of the anti-bacterial TENCEL® material and are therefore more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. For allergy sufferers, the TENCEL® fiber offers enormous advantages and relief from complaints. The TENCEL® fiber has a unique fibril structure. Fibrils (tiny hairs) are the tiniest parts that make up the fiber. Submicroscopic channels between the individual fibrils regulate the absorption and release of moisture. The smallest fibrils thus ensure optimal moisture transport. Compared to cotton, Tencel® absorbs moisture in a controlled and regular manner.

Aside from natural aging or damage from UV rays, sleeping on your side is one of the main reasons for wrinkles to appear on your cleavage. The breasts slide together and the skin between them wrinkles. Try it for yourself and look in a mirror when you are on your side. With Bradora® you can do something about it night after night.