Hello, nice to have you with us!

I’m Milena Benker, the founder of Bradora®!

At the age of 22, I moved to Germany to study technically oriented business administration. After 17 great years in Stuttgart, I have moved, with my family, again in Plovdiv, Bulgaria since 2018, and I am an overjoyed mother of two wonderful children.

How did I get the idea of a sleep bra?!

After the birth of my second child, I quickly noticed that my bust size was no longer as tight as it used to be. 

I sleep on my side and noticed, in the morning, that fine lines were gradually forming on my cleavage, which after a short time turned into wrinkles. At the same time, I found the “skin on skin” contact uncomfortable. I felt the need to put something like a pillow between my breasts, so that everything stays in place and doesn’t fall on top of each other … And that with a cup size (depending on the manufacturer) B – C.

Then I talked to other women about it. And many of them told me that they were already sleeping with a self-made “pillow” and fighting against the wrinkles in the cleavage.

Those who have a slightly larger bust size told me about other problems, such as sweating and skin irritation in the cleavage area.

So … it was the right time to do something about it!

I would say that I always had the courage to go on unknown roads, but also a keen sense of beauty and many years of experience in the textile industry. That’s how I became the creative head at Bradora®.