Hello, nice to have you here!

I’m Milena Benker, the founder of Bradora®!

At the age of 22, I moved to Germany to study technically oriented business administration. After 17 great years in Stuttgart, I have moved, with my family, again in Plovdiv, Bulgaria since 2018, and I am an overjoyed mother of two wonderful children.

How did I get the idea of a sleep bra?

After the birth of my second child, I quickly noticed that my breasts were not as tight as it used to be.

I sleep on my side and noticed in the morning, that fine lines were gradually forming on my cleavage, which after a short time turned into wrinkles. I found also the “skin on skin” contact uncomfortable. I felt the need to put something like a pillow between my breasts, so that everything “stays in place” and doesn’t fall on top of each other.

Then I talked to other women about it. And many of them told me that they were already sleeping with a self-made “pillow” and fighting against the wrinkles in the cleavage.

Those who have a slightly larger bust size told me about other problems, such as sweating and skin irritation in the cleavage area.

So … it was the right time to do something about it!

That’s how I became the creative head at Bradora®.

The idea of a sleep bra to make women feel comfortable while they sleep and give them a wrinkle-free skin and beauty is what inspired me to create an incredible product. With Bradora® I would like to help women protect their natural beauty by fighting skin creases and wrinkles during sleeping and prevent everyday problems such as tension in their back and neck. By selecting innovative and 100% natural materials, I guarantee an incomparable comfort and fit.

My mission

With passion, love and lots of positivity, we have created a product that inspire, give a better quality of life and bring real benefits!