What is Bradora®

Bradora® is patented sleep bra that will:
♦ hold your bust “in place” while you sleep;
♦ prevent cleavage wrinkles;
♦ ease back, neck and shoulder discomfort;
♦ protect your skin from sweating and irritation;

How does Bradora® works?
The Bradora® bra has a unique supportive pillow and individually adjustable cups that keep your breasts in their natural position while you sleep.

We have made Bradora® from TENCEL® natural cellulose fibers so that it feels incomparably comfortable next to your skin. The innovative TENCEL® fabric pampers your skin with perfect moisture management. It absorbs excess moisture naturally and pushes it through the fabric, where it evaporates. Therefore, there is no chance of skin irritation. It is recommended for women with allergies.

The Bradora® bra uniqueness has been rewarded with a patent.

The Hohenstein Institute for Textile Innovation  scientifically confirmed  the Bradora® effectiveness.


The Problem:

How do cleavage wrinkles appear?

Why are your back and shoulders under pressure while you sleep?

When you sleep on your side, your breasts rest on each other and the skin between them creases and wrinkles.
This puts extra strain on your back, neck and shoulders.
Unpleasant sweating and even rashes tend to occur in places where skin rubs against skin.
If you cannot get comfortable, no matter what position you try to sleep in, then you are likely to feel tired after not sleeping enough in the morning.

Our Solution:

Bradora® has a unique supportive pillow and individually adjustable cups that keep your breasts in their natural position while you sleep, and prevent them from pressing on each other.
That is how Bradora® prevents the formation of creases and wrinkles on your cleavage.
With the help of the Bradoras® supportive pillow and the adjustable cups, the weight of your breasts is evenly distributed. Bradora® relieves your back, neck and shoulders and helps you find your perfect position to sleep in.
The Tencel® fabric protects your skin from unpleasant sweating, odor and skin irritation.
Its wide and soft straps ensure an ultimate comfortable fit. No straps digging into your shoulders anymore! Night after night!


This is what makes Bradora® so special:
♦ Supports your breasts while you sleep
♦ Relieves the strain in your back, neck and shoulders
♦ Reduces wrinkles on your cleavage
♦ Prevents the formation of new wrinkles
♦ Regenerates the skin, prevents the formation of odors, unpleasant sweating and skin irritations
♦ Suitable for allergy sufferers
♦ Moisture-regulating, ergonomic supportive pillow with Tencel® fibers filling
♦ Patented individually adjustable cups
♦ Wide adjustable straps
♦ No underwire
♦ Extremely comfortable to wear
♦ The Effectiveness of Bradora confirmed by Hohenstein Institute for Textile Innovation