We are Bradora®

We are Milena and Thomas Benker – the founders of Bradora®!

Milena – 40 years old, a mother of two children, a woman with a rebellious streak and the courage to take unknown paths, with a fine sense of beauty, and many years of experience in the textile industry – the creative mind in Bradora®

Thomas – 41 years old, the head of the family, an entrepreneur for as long as he can remember, extremely creative, hopelessly optimistic, always finding solutions to problems, cooking being his passion, and the ability to effectively communicate with others – his strength.

The idea of ​​a sleep bra to make women feel comfortable while they sleep and give them a wrinkle-free skin and beauty is what inspired us to create an incredible product. With Bradora® we would like to help women protect their natural beauty by fighting skin creases and wrinkles when sleeping and prevent everyday problems such as tension in their back and neck. By selecting innovative and 100% natural materials, we guarantee an incomparable comfort and fit.

Our Mission

With passion, love and lots of positivity, we create products that inspire, give a better quality of life and bring real benefits!

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