Welcome to Bradora®  
unfold your natural beauty, naturally 

Bradora® is a patented night bra 

that prevents cleavage wrinkles, reduces existing cleavage wrinkles,

relieves back pain and pampers your skin.

Bradora® has a unique support pillow and individually adjustable cups to keep your breasts in their natural position while you are sleeping.

The fabric Tencel® is softer than silk and cooler than linen and pampers your skin because it deals perfectly with moisture. The fiber naturally absorbs excess moisture and transports it to the outside. That's why skin irritations don't stand a chance. Recommended for allergy sufferers.

The uniqueness of Bradora® has been rewarded with a patent.

The Hohenstein Institute for Textile Innovation has scientifically confirmed the effectiveness of Bradora after a long-term study.


Recommended use

Daily use during the night

During pregnancy and lactation

After breast operations


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